Finding appropriate colors for your site and for development

It is much easier to choose the background or foreground colors for your site with a visual map of colors. One of the maps could be found at: Colors I’ve used for background are light pastel colors #CCFF66, #CCFFFF, #CCFFCC, #FFFF99, #99FFFF, #99FF99, #CCCC99, #CCCCFF, #CCCCCC, #CC99FF, #FF99FF,#66CCFF which work really well with black foreground color. The best way of course is to use CSS to define you background colors. So for example for tables cells I’ve used the following format:
in css file td.bgcolor1 { background-color: #CCFF66 } in jsp file: <td class="bgcolor1">. You can choose a better description for colors or have css refer to functional elements on your site.

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